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Rajaswala /Menstruation

Courtesy:Sri.Bryan Hill
Rajaswala / Menstruation
What is Rajaswala?
          Rajodarshana –
 'rajo' in sanskrit means blood and 'darshan' means 'to watch'.
When is the first day of Rajaswala treated?
The first day of Rajaswala depends on when exactly Rajodarshana takes place.  If it occurs before 2 am (mid night), this will be counted as day no 1.  For eg.  If Rajodarshana takes place before 1.59am on 1.1.2011 (i.e., in the early morning of 1st January), the day will be counted as from 31.12.2010 as the first day.
What are the reasons for women being kept out of touch of others during the Rajaswala period?  There are a number of reasons –
One of the reasons is that a woman is considered impure during this time as she is losing blood, but along with that, heat and harmful toxins are also being excreted from the body.  As such, her body will be week and she needs to take rest.  Women has less Hemoglobin content and susceptible to fatal infections during this period.  During the period the Rajaswala Women would have unhygienic smell and water may be infected if touched by her.
How ladies got Rajaswala Dosha?
Once Indra got Brahma Hatya Dosha with the killing of Vishwaroopacharya, the son of Thwashta.  Vishwaroopacharya was the temporary Devatagurugalu, when Bruhaspathyacharya was hidden himself because of the insult made by Indra.   This Vishwaroopacharya, was the son of Thwashta a devate, but his mother is from daithya kula.  While doing Homa for gods, influenced by his mother, Vishwaroopacharya was giving havissu for daithyaas alongwith devates.  Indra noticed this and removed all the three heads of Vishwaroopa.  So, he got Brahma Hatya Dosha.   Now Indra having suffered from the Brahma Hatya dosha, was guided to share the Brahma Hatya Dosha amongst four people + boon to them. 
The following shared the Brahma-hathya Dosha of indra in the following manner.
1. Earth (prithvy) – which shared the sin and got the boon that the earth will be filled or become closed even after several excavations.
2. Trees (vrikshaa) – Trees got the sin in the form of "gum" and they got the boon that they can grow even after they are cut.
3. Sea (samudra) -  sea got the sin in the form of form/froth
4. Ladies (sthree) -  got the boon in the form of menstruation every 28 to 30 days and got the boon that they can give birth to children.
Do's and do nots for Rajaswala woman in Religious Scriptures:
a)   They must not enter kitchen/ pooja room
b)   They must sit in a separate room
c)   They should not sleep in day time
d)   They should not kunkuma
e)   They should not bath
f)   They should not wear flowers
g)   Their words must not be heard by those who are in Madi
h)   They should not make or hear very loud words
i)    They should not comb or dress her hair
j)    They should not work hard
k)   They should not cut their nails
l)    They must not have sex during the periods
m)  The clothes/vessels touched by Rajaswala strees must not be touched by others  without  purifying.
n)   They must not cook or cut any vegetables / bring any house items from shop
o)   They shall avoid all religious/domestic activities during the three days and on the fourth day also she is not fit to cook/ she must not enter pooja room.  However, on fourth day she can assist the family with other than cooking/pooja.
p)   On the fourth day, she must take bath not by herself – some body must pour water on her and all the vessels/clothes used by her during the period.
q)   On the fifth day, she must take oil bath, then only she can do guru mantra, enter pooja room, cook, and other religious activity.
r)   A Rajaswala stree must not touch the other Rajaswala stree
s)  Even the Rajaswala Stree must take bath both sparsha snaana and moksha snaana
t)   Even Rajaswala Stree must observe Chaturmasya/Ekadashi.
u)   We must serve the all the cooking dishes to all others.  Then only these Rajaswala strees must be feeded.   Or  the food served to Rajo strees must not be served to others. OR a separate food must be prepared
v)    They must not take theertha/mantrakshate.
        w)   While doing bhojana, one must not do sambhashana with rajaswala ladies/see them or sit in the same pankthi of rajaswala at home also.
Now a days many ladies are going to schools/colleges/offices - They can't follow all the rules strictly.  Atleast then can follow some of the rules.
There is some parihara for Rajaswala sambhashana, etc -
During Punyahavachana, in Sankalpa Rajaswala dosha pariharaartham will be chanted.
During Dhatrihavana, just by seeing the Dhatri havana, eating the prasadam, our dosha of seeing Rajaswala, sambhashana during bhojana will be removed
My suggestion - Even non Rajaswala strees once they go to office/College, they must change their dress fully and enter the pooja room/kitchen and other premises of the house.  Because there will be many girls with or without rajaswala, with whom you would have talked/touched during the office/college hours.
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If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.
Happy moments, praise God.
Difficult moments, seek God.
Quiet moments, worship God.
Painful moments, trust God.

  Every moment, thank God


  1. Non-sense!!! Grow up. You live in 21st century not 14th century when women were used to be considered a liability.

    Don't denigrate womanhood with things like this. Menstruation is a normal biological process- nothing to be ashamed of and nothing's impure about it.

    Has your family ever let you see the whisper ad? I agree that in olden times, people had not come up with better hygiene products and that led to menstruation being considered physically impure. But still it wasn't considered ritually impure.

    It's things like this that don't let people progress. If possible, come out of your cocoon and try to see the world in a better light.

    1. K N Ramesh God Bless you. you have posted a very good information.please keep it is really acceptable.the concept you mentioned is existed in the Skandha purana.

      one very important thing that you should remember is we are living in a Kaliyuga(1st quarter) so called bludy 21st century, where you can see most of the people will be bludy basterds(majority of the cases).they never accept the shastra,if somebody talks about it these so called 21st century people will argue like a stupid people.what they learnt and what they do is"eat,sleep,sex,die" like a animal.they will never try to differentiate themselves from a animal.we can never expect any positive response from 21st century people.

      When comes to the whisper adds, it is like anyother commercial add.there is nothing good or bad in such adds.that is purely a body is born to do a social service.

      Truth is truth if somebody accepts or body can change the not worry about bludy basterds or bludy bitches. they are always there to spoil the society.

      Keep posting the information like this.


  2. Hi Ramesh really a informative post. Here, I can accept every other point accept one of them where it has been pointed out that they r not supposed to take bath when it is necessary to take bath as that may lead them to some infections. Only thing is they are not suppose to take bath in the place where other people take bath.

    thank you

  3. Ms Shruthi,

    please go to ggoogle n type menstruation... The Wikipedia clearly states that during menstruation it is the "impure blood" in your body that goes out. with this blood goes all the toxicants in your body as well. I think you should come out of your cocoon & understand a simple logic behind all these rules made then was just give a proper & complete rest to the women in menstruation. Women in those days were respected more than what is being done now to them....